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    EcoLet™ | 240 Automatic - Model 25e

    Manufacturer: EcoLet™
    The EcoLet™ Automatic 25e is designed for 3 people full-time, or 4 people part-time. It is a full automatic mixing system, using 240v power.
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    The EcoLet™ Automatic is designed for 3 people full-time, or 4 people part-time. It is a full automatic mixing system, using 240v power.

    The Automatic model 25e is similar to the Manual 15e but has a fully automatic mixing mechanism. Simply lower the seat after each use and your Ecolet Automatic 25e does the rest. With this system, there is no risk that the mixing is forgotten by children or visiting guests.

    The EcoLet™ - Model 25e is great for

    • For small families*
    • Holiday homes
    • Sheds
    • Granny flats
    • Backup toilet system**

    Benefits of this composting toilet system

    • No smell through the effective hot composting
    • Zero leachate discharge protecting groundwaters and sensitive areas
    • Saves water every time you don't flush!
    • Recycles nutrients back into nature

    * Full-Time Use

    The EcoLet™ 240 range is one of the most advanced composting toilet systems, that not only composts safely but is a simple and smart solution for families and couples, who want to achieve the new standard in waste management for waste renewal.

    With your EcoLet™ system, it is not only simple to install and operate, it will save you time and money all the while improving the environment. Now that’s something you can be proud of!

    **Backup Toilet System

    Although EcoLet™ 240 range is a perfect solution for full-time use they make a cost-effective waste treatment backup system for water shortages or outages in given times of disaster or drought.

    With features like zero-discharge and hot-composing, they are well suited for urban or semi-rural areas. With no leachate, order-less use and sanitized compost, you and your neighbours will be pleased.

    EcoLet™ is a great backup toilet, and you can do your part in saving water wisely when in need.


    AS/NZS 1546.2:2008 - On-site domestic wastewater treatment units - Waterless composting toilets
    Licence Number. SMKH25591
    Against the AS/NZS 1546.2
    Under SAI Global


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