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    EcoLet™ | Through-Wall Installation Kit for the 240 Range

    Manufacturer: EcoLet™
    SKU: Ecolet TWK 250
    This installation kit is required to achieve a safe and watertight through wall penetration and insulated vent pipe for cold weather.
    $217.39 excl tax
    i h

    All Heated EcoLet™ system must have insulated vent pipes when exposed to the outside air.

    The standard EcoLet™ kits come with a through ceiling vent pipe setup and will not need this kit if this setup is chosen.

    All the EcoLet™ 240 15e/25e/55ai/65ai models must not have a bend sharper than 45 degrees, that will restrict ventilation.

    Installation kit includes the following:

    • Through-wall-kit assembly (black)


    Standard NZ plumbing fittings do not fit the EcoLet™ ventilation pipe.
    Maximum bends - no more than 3 bends in total.
    Above the roof, ventilation components are included with the EcoLet™ system package.

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