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    • Living with a Composting Toilet System

    • Do Waterless Composting Toilets smell?

      WCT Toilet Design

      No, because all composting toilets are required to be vented. Our systems are actively vented with a fan that runs 24/7 this fan creates a negative air pressure flow, which draws air into the toilet (WCT) from the room and vents any odour out through a pipe above the building away from people. This active venting actually vents out the entire toilet/bathroom area and makes the systems smell less than a conventional flushing toilet as most flushing toilets do not have a vent attach.

      Composting Process

      In truth, a healthy compost is greatly odourless but it's best to have an active vent running all the time.

    • Can I still clean my toilet like a flushing toilet?

      Yes, you can wipe your toilet down with disinfectant at the seating area, however, pouring any chlorine or chemical agents into the chute will kill the friendly microbes that are doing all the hard work for you in the tank. Use green-friendly products always when cleaning composting toilets.

      We recommend our Nature Flush as the all-around cleaner and additive for WCT's Waterless Composting Toilets System.

      Nature Flush | Enzyme 750ml Trigger Pack (Enzymatic)
      Nature Flush | Enzymes - Concentrate 1 Litre (Enzymatic)
      Nature Flush | Enzymes - Concentrate 5 Litre (Enzymatic)

    • Can I add water as part of the cleaning processes?

      Yes, in most Waterless Composting Toilets it is safe to do so. You can pour water into the following Waterless Composting Toilet's

       Clivus Multrum, won’t mind at all in fact over the summer it can help if the system is getting dry

       EcoLet, you may have to adjust the thermostat slightly, to balance the extra liquid

       Sun-Mar, depending on whether it is a WET-WCT-Toilet Fixture composting system or DRY-WCT-Toilet Fixture composting system. Sun-Mars should not need extra water at any point and should only be added when maintained

       Nature Loo, won’t mind at all in fact over the summer it can help if the system is getting dry

       Bambooloo, only at the end of the bucket use (full bucket) adding water is ideal

    • What are the best cleaners?

      We recommend you use the following approved cleaning products

       Nature Flush general-purpose cleaner by Ecoflo (Non-Soap Cleaner

       Ecostore products are mostly septic-safe and readily available throughout NZ

      Try to keep the soap content in any water added or wash-down water into a composting system low, as all soaps will affect the composting process regardless of its base constituents been natural or not.

    • Do I need special toilet paper?

      Regular loo paper will compost as good as any, the bleach in the paper doesn’t have enough concentration to hurt the microbes.

      Consider normal recycled toilet paper from your supermarket

      Note, things not to add to your composting toilet systems!

      X Wet wipes

      X Sanitary pads or tampons unless 100% organic-based

      X Nappies

      X Food Scraps

      X Cigarette butts or ash from a fireplace

      X Cleaning water eg. mop water

      X No inorganics in general