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    Greywater / Kitchen Treatment System | V500 - 500L

    Grey Water Kitchen treatment tank. Suitable for a residence of 4-5 People hydraulic loading rates
    SKU: GW/BW GT V500
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    The principal design requirement for kitchen wastewater is to deal with an average hydraulic loading of 22L per person per day to achieve a 5 day retention time to primary or secondary treatment levels

    Suitable capacity per system

    • V125 / 1 person occupancy
    • V375 / 3 person occupancy
    • V500 / 4-5 person occupancy

    Tank design - Grease Trap

    Grease traps (also known as grease interceptors, grease recovery devices and grease converters) are plumbing devices designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter wastewater disposal systems.


    BioCeptor effluent filter and Tank fittings all pre-installed.

    Dimensions: V500

    • Volume: 500L
    • Total Length: 1.191m
    • Tank width: 0.68m
    • Tank Height: 0.98m
    • Colour: Black


    For effective Kitchen greywater digestion (treatment) an auto dosing pump can be used to provide an enzyme or biological agent. This will deal with variations is hydraulic loading and improve the overall performance.

    Package comes with

    • Grease Trap V500
    • Inlet / outlet fittings
    • outlet (effluent filter)
    • Splitter pipes plus access breather
    • Drain Coil 65mm punched (15 metres)
    • Treach Geo-Cloth
    • Media treatment additives
    • Manual included

    Excludes trench media & minor fittings