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    Nature Flush | Enzyme 750ml Trigger Pack (Enzymatic)

    SKU: NFE 750
    Convenient 750ml Nature Flush for treatment of all composting toilet systems and cleaning purposes.
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    Natural detergent and enzyme catalyst derived from bacterial fermentation.
    It contains a fresh vanilla fragrance and the enzymes help accelerate the composting process.


    General Cleaning Use: Cleaning

    • All sanitary fixtures
    • Most floors
    • Tiled walls
    • Showers and bathtubs

    Composting Toilet Use:

    10 sprays into the toilet bowl are recommended after every #2's

    Size Availability:

    Also available in 1L /5L Concentrate, for you to dilute 1:20 with cold water prior to use.


    1 year. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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