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    Netafim eFLOW Techfilter - Replacement Cartridge

    Manufacturer: Netafim
    The Netafim Techfilter is used in SDI (subsurface drip irrigation) applications in conjunction with Netafim dripper lines to provide maximum protection against root intrusion.
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    Techfilter Applications 

    Typically installed at the head works of an SDI system
    Used for Landscape drip irrigation systems in turf or garden areas when the dripperline is buried below grade

    Here’s how it works

    Trifluralin is incorporated into the replaceable disc ring assemblies inside the filter housing. When water passes through the filter, a very low concentration of Trifluralin is transmitted. This technology provides very precise & even distribution of Trifluralin throughout the dripperline system and effectively inhibits root growth into the dripper outlets.

    Features & Benefits

    • Prevents root intrusion
    • Replaceable Techfilter cartridge allows system to remain protected throughout its lifetime
    • Renewable warranty, activated when filter cartridges are installed and registered, gives the opportunity for a lifetime of protection
    • Delivers a low concentration of Trifluralin evenly to all drippers throughout the system
    • Sealed packaging dramatically extends shelf life and adds to filter replacement convenience
    • Easy, no-touch installation and replacement of Trifluralin filter
    • Product does not require approval as stated by Australian Government
      Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Australian Government
      Department of Pesticides Veterinary Medicines Authority.


    • Maximum flow rate per unit - 25mm - 6m³/hr
    • Maximum working pressure 100m
    • The Techfilter effectively doses Trifluralin in the system for approximately 200 hours.

    Netafim recommends the cartridge to be changed every 200 hours of operation.