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    Sun-Mar™ | Mobile™

    Manufacturer: Sun-Mar™
    The Sun-Mar Mobile™ waterless toilet has been specifically designed to continue operating under the normal stresses onboard a mobile home or boat. The system has sufficient processing capacity to allow several weeks of coastal water or mobile home use without recourse to pump out facilities.

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    The Sun-Mar Mobile comes as 12 volt fan & heating element as standard

    For Power systems that are 24 volt choose this option. Note that the fan is 24 volt and the heating element will have to be wired separately.

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    Advantages of the Mobile waterless toilet:

    • Minimal maintenance
    • Simple installation
    • Craft/vehicle weight/fuel consumption reduced
    • No odours
    • No water tank
    • No pumps or valves
    • No chemicals
    • Minimal waste

    Product reliability with over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing waterless toilets

    Composting Capacity: 1-2 Residential, 3-4 Weekend/Vacation
    Unit: Height 71.1 cm Width 48.3 cm
    Fan: 4 watts / 12 volt
    Heater: 80 watt (average) 12 volt

    How the Sun-Mar Mobile™ Works

    Although the Sun-Mar Mobile uses Sun-Mar's tried and true three-chamber system, "marinizing" the unit led to some interesting adaptations. The need to be able to handle violent motion meant that the finishing drawer had to be fitted with a gasket so that no liquid could escape from the evaporating chamber.
    The air intakes face the same problem. These have to be located higher up and the air ducted down to the evaporating chamber.
    At the same time, a special drum locker ensures that the composting drum is held upright under all sea or road conditions.
    Space constraints mean that a fold-away footrest is needed on the unit. This footrest has spring-loaded legs and a safety release mechanism to enable it to be removed periodically when access to the finishing drawer is required.
    To assist installation, strong mounting brackets are mounted at the base and rear of the unit.


    The Mobile uses only a 12-volt 4-watt fan which vents via a 3-inch pipe. The fans are installed in boxes together with zeolite and carbon filters to eliminate odours at deck or roof level. The fan is connected to a vertically mounted vent pipe. A deck or roof vent is not supplied but should be installed such that water is prevented from entering the system. Solar vents are very affordable and effective since they can take over the job of the 12-volt fan during the daylight hours.

    Electrically, the Sun-Mar Mobile units are quite different from other units because of the unique situation on many boats and RV's. A 4.0 Watt 12 Volt fan is installed in a fan box within the vent stack. This fan, (which is on its own circuit) is designed to operate continuously while the unit is in use.
    To assist the 12 Volt fan in providing adequate venting, the Sun-Mar Mobile is unique among Sun-Mar units in having a 3" vent stack. Customers need to supply their own deck vents, which should be constructed to allow adequate air movement while preventing seawater from entering the unit.
    Carbon and Zeolite Filter

    While venting is optimal above deck level, some installations will require that the deck vent is flush with the deck. Sun-Mar has incorporated the use of activated carbon and zeolite filter materials in the fan box to "scrub" the air of fresh ammonia odours. This has proven successful, and ensure odour-free operation at deck level.

    Evaporation and Electrical Configuration

    • The mobile has a 12 volt 160 watt (80-watt average) thermostatically controlled heater 

    Evaporation is aided by this heater that is located in the sealed base compartment.
    There should be enough 12 Volt battery power to keep the 12 Volt 4.0 Watt fan running continuously, and it can hooks up on a separate circuit from the heating system to facilitate this; the overflow is drain required when this is done.

    Evaporation capacity on Sun-Mar Mobile™ units is limited by the size of the heater, the surface area of the evaporation chamber, and the volume of air movement. Consequently, arrangements should be made to connect the Sun-Mar Mobile™ drains to a container or small holding tank for disposal in an approved manner.


    NSF/ANSI 41 Standard
    Non-Liquid Saturated Treatment Systems

    This system is Certified for liquid containment, odours, and solid end products


    US Coast Guard Logo

    Approval# 159.015/1081/0
    The Sun-Mar Mobile is the first composting toilets recognized as a Type III MSD by the USCG. Copy of United States Coast Guard

    Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Systems are CSA certified for electrical features under CSA file number LR55925 


    **AVAILABILITY - SPECIAL ORDER | (3-4 MONTHS, ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL(ETA)) place your order now to save time

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