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Our systems use the latest in composting technologies, while still remaining mechanically simple. This means you rest assured that your composting toilet will have a long life with very little maintenance.

Any maintenance that may be required can easily be carried out on-site with minimal skill level. This means you have a fast-turn around composting system that you can rely on to function properly year after year.
Our waterless composting toilets have a long history of proven reliability around the world in all climate zones with any servicing that may be required taking mere minutes.



Composting toilets turn what is commonly considered to be a waste material, and turn it into a valuable resource for the environment. It’s great for you and even better for the planet!

Sustainability is a broad term that is often thrown around lightly. When it comes to our composting toilets though, we really can state that they are a wonderful option for people trying to lighten their footprint on the earth. Our systems complete the nutrient cycle, by taking human waste and turning it back into a nutrient rich compost that is safe to use on your gardens.

Fresh water is one of our planets most valuable resources and essential to all life on earth, yet traditional toilets will literally have you soiling and flushing away many litres of this precious resource each day. Our systems are waterless helping you to conserve this life-giving resource.

Our systems are high quality, affordable and require very little maintenance, which means it’s also sustainable for both your time, and your wallet.



Our composting toilets combine solid-state technology with aerobic decomposition, which is proven to be the fastest acting way to break down waste into useful organic matter.

With an army of beneficial bacteria doing all the work for you, it takes very little effort to manage our composting systems. That means that you can leave the system to do the work for you and trust that in the end you will have a safe, composted material that can be used on your gardens.

After the recommended composting durations, the humus which comes out is completely pathogen free and totally safe to handle.



Actively vented systems mean you don’t need to worry about any unpleasant odours.  This leaves you with both a clean smelling composting system, and toilet room.

One of the most frequent questions that we are asked is if our toilet systems smell. That’s a perfectly reasonable question considering our systems do not flush away waste, but instead treat it directly on site. Thankfully, the answer to that question is absolutely not. Our systems are completely odour free thanks to effective active venting.

This also means you won’t need to worry about using toxic toilet cleaners and room deodorizers, once again helping to lighten the load on both your wallet, and the environment.



Our systems are certified to the AS/NZS 1546.2:2008
On-site domestic wastewater treatment units – Waterless composting toilets standards, so you won’t have any headaches getting them approved by your local council.

We could provide you with the best composting technology in the world, but it wouldn’t be very helpful if you couldn’t get your local council to agree to let you use it on your property.
Thankfully, we are able to provide you with systems that meet all the required standards and are pre-certified, which means that the local councils have no choice but to give you the big tick when it comes to your choice to use a composting toilet.



Not only are our systems easy on your wallet, they also make great financial savings in the long run. They are waterless, saving you money in your water bill, and they also provide you with a valuable resource in the form of high quality compost to use in your gardens.

A big part of a sustainable product is that it is also financially easy to maintain. Our systems are much cheaper to purchase and install compared to septic systems, saving you money right from the start.
Once our systems have been installed, they require very little on-going maintenance due to the use primarily of solid-state technologies which means you won’t be facing huge repair bills.
Because our systems are waterless, this also means that in the long run you will be saving a lot of money on your water bill!




The words humble, human and humus come from the same semantic root, meaning earth. The people who care enough about the earth to recycle their personal by-products do so as an act of humility – not because they are going to get rich or famous for it, but because it makes them better people.

“From the Latin word Humus for earth, true humility grounds the seeker in truth”. Edward Hayes

“The exercising of the human spirit can take many forms, and the simple act of cleaning up after oneself is one of them, whilst carelessly dumping waste out into the world is a self-centered act of arrogance.” -Joseph C. Jenkins, The Humanure Handbook

At Waterless Composting Toilets NZ (WCTNZ), we understand that decomposition is part of nature and we celebrate this living cycle by providing products which restore continuity to this natural biological process.

Waste is a human concept, a product of a disruption to this cycle. The humble act of taking responsibility for our own “human resource” and recycling it is the very purpose of WCTNZs practical philosophy.

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