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    COVID-19 Notice to customers
    COVID-19 Notice to customers

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    New Zealand's leader in

    Waterless Composting Toilets

    Discover our huge range of residential, commercial & industrial sustainable toilet solutions for both rural and urban locations

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    Waterless Composting Toilets NZ Limited

    Waterless Composting Toilets NZ Limited

    WCTNZ is New Zealands leading supplier of waterless environmental wastewater solutions

    Were proud to provide the countrys largest range of fully-certified waterless composting toilets to suit any application and any budget.

    If youre looking for a sustainable, effective and odourless solution for your number ones and twos, we can help you!

    Whether youre building a tiny house, a high-rise, or anything in between, weve got an eco-toilet thats right for you

    How Do Waterless Toilets Work?

    Waterless Composting Toilets (WCTs) are odour and chemical free as well as being completely waterless they offer a hygienic method of recycling human waste by separately managing your bodily wastewater (black water) from other wastewater such as greywater, you avoid polluting valuable clean water that can otherwise be put to better use! In New Zealand we have a lot to gain from Waterless Composting Toilets by significantly reducing our risk to discharge wastewater that may not be effectively treated thus protective our very sensitive environments.

    Find Out How it Works

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    We've got a Waterless Composting Toilet for every situation

    Off-grid or on-grid. From the city to the country, Tiny House to a large apartment building there is a composting toilet option for you.

    Help me choose

    Tell us about your situation and we'll help you chose the right system every time.