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    About us

    It may seem strange to you to know that there are people in this world who are passionate about composting toilets, but they are out there and you’ve now discovered some of them right here in New Zealand, who work under the banner of Waterless Composting Toilets New Zealand.

    Why are we passionate about composting toilets?

    It’s because we think they can change the world. Our planet has limited resources and the way that we use and recycles those resources has a direct relationship to our eco-system and the ability to sustain life. In a culture which views human excreta (your pee and poo) as pure waste and deals with it as such, an extremely important part of the nutrient cycle is broken. This leads to the need for lots of chemical fertilisers and creates lower quality food with fewer nutrients. Instead, when our wonderful excreta is composted properly, it is turned back into a safe and valuable product, returning nutrients to the earth and helping to keep the cycle going for future generations, all while eliminating any potential run-off from septic systems and helping to keep our rivers and waterways clean.

    Our History

    The business was formed back in 2007 by Dylan Timney, who at the time was looking for a good toilet solution for a house bus project but was unable to find one. While on a mission to find the ideal loo for his bus, he stumbled upon composting toilet technology which was being used in other countries and from that moment on his life direction drastically changed. Believing in the technology and the ability to make a positive impact so much, Dylan began the process of importing the toilet systems to New Zealand while also beginning a huge educational campaign to help New Zealanders understand the benefits of using composting toilets.

    For over 10 years now, Waterless Composting Toilets has been serving the New Zealand community. Our range of composting toilets has significantly grown and we are constantly searching for new innovative technologies to bring to our customers. Alongside sales, our company is dedicated to servicing our client base, ensuring they are able to get the most out of their composting systems.

    Our Solutions

    Our company operates in both the domestic and commercial markets, working on home-scale projects, all the way through to large commercial and public building facilities. With technology which is easily scalable and proven in New Zealand’s climate, we are proud to have solutions for all scenarios.

    In recent years, we have seen a huge growth in the composting toilet market and we are proud to be at the forefront of this. As our systems find themselves moving into the mainstream, we remain dedicated to constantly developing and improving both our range and knowledge base. In an age where humanities relationship with the earth is in desperate need of reform, we are proud to be working with a range of products which are solution-based and undoubtedly have a positive impact on both the planet and the people who use them.

    Managing Director - Dylan Timney


    I believe that there is a future with self-directed waste management solutions where we can take direct responsibility for the waste we generate in this world. 
    It is my firm belief that human dejecta is our primary waste and our experience of the world is directly affected by what we do with this waste.


    It is my hope that current and future generations will be directly involved in the social and infrastructural systems that we live in and will through a comprehensive understanding of how these systems work we will be empowered to control the outcome, improving our environment and sustainability systems making more resource, significantly improving our lives and future generational lives through resilient systems that provide abundance.
    With this vision, I have led an interesting life by been involved in systems of change and supporting others to achieve their environmental vision.


    Having a history in the construction industry I have come to know the failings in planning were the default way of thinking leads to a lack of foresight where everything from building materials and housing facilities come with high price tags for maintenance and servicing keeping you the homeowner lock into uneconomic systems. There are better ways of housing in New Zealand.


    With this in mind, I plan to support and promote a healthy choice in waste renewal where I believe in keeping this vision alive by supplying world-leading technologies for New Zealand.


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