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    100mm Diameter Fan Housing Kit | 12V, 24V or 48Volt DC Fans (Options)

    100mm Diameter (Inline) Fan Housing complete with high quality 120mm DC fan units
    $217.39 excl tax excluding shipping

    Clivus Multrum™ | CM2 - Additional Chamber / Out-of-service (OOS)

    Additional Out-of-service (OOS) Chamber for existing Clivus Multrum™ CM2 where more capacity & longer composting time is required.
    $121.74 excl tax $130.43 excl tax excluding shipping

    Universal Vent | 100mm | Vent Pipe Package

    100mm DWV (Drain Waste Vent) PVC Pipe Package
    $160.87 excl tax excluding shipping

    Universal Vent ACC | Wind-Driven Vent

    Wind-driven ventilation ideal option for non-powered (NE) vent systems or as backup ventilation for power outages when the system is turned off to keep the room free of stale air. Used most commonly with the off-grid situation.
    $217.39 excl tax excluding shipping

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