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    How to start your system

    If you have just purchased a Clivus Multrum system, then this guide on how to start up your system is for you.

    One your Clivus Multrum system is fully installed and the ventilation system is running, you need to add a starter bed before the system can be used.
    For Clivus Multrum systems from CM8 to CM40.
    Step-by-step guide.
    • First you will need to acquire your bulking agent (carbon materials). These can be sourced from WCTNZ or suppliers from around NZ. We recommend wood shavings as the starter-bed material (bulking agent). In some cases, due to supply problems or personal preference, it is not practical to use wood shavings. The reason we recommend wood shavings is because they are high in carbon and are of a good texture to trap oxygen and provide repertory airways for the life of the compost. Alternative bulking agents are discussed in the Operating Manual for your consideration.
    • Once you have your wood shavings you will need to spread the bulking material in the tank bottom to cover the lower edge of the air ducts as shown in the diagram below. Even if you over filled the system a little, don’t panic, as it can be removed easily before you start using the system.
    Note the front baffle; it is necessary that the bulking materials meets the top of this stainless-steel component as this will prevent any new waste from falling into the removal chamber before it has had the time to compost.
    • Once the wood shavings have been added, dampen down with water (spray with a hose through the top inspection door). This breaks the surface tension and allows the bulking material to begin absorbing the urine that will enter the tank. If this is not done liquid can simply run off the organic material without soaking through.
    • Last step, add some starter bacteria. Add 3 bags of WCT Microbe Mix by sprinkling them down the toilet Pedestal. You will need to spread them out a little bit by using your CM rake.

    Approximate volume required is:
    CM8 | 0.25 cubic metres
    CM10 | 0.3 cubic metres
    CM14 | 0.4 cubic metres
    CM20 | 0.5 cubic metres

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have now completed the setup of your new composting toilet.