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    Nature Loo™ | Classic 650

    The Nature Loo™ Classic 650 system is specialised in its designing for Tiny Homes (TH) with a low underfloor clearance requirement of 450 mm, making it very suitable for transportable housing and most retro installations. This composting toilet model is suitable for a couple looking to install a composting toilet into their tiny house.
    $1,796.52 excl tax excluding shipping

    Nature Loo™ | Classic 850

    The Nature Loo™ | Classic 850 system is designed to meet the larger capacity requirement of a few users to a family unit with a chamber (tank) underfloor clearance requirement of 750 mm
    $2,028.70 excl tax excluding shipping

    Nature Loo™ | Excelet Chamber

    The Nature Loo Excelet Chamber adds extra capacity to this batching system.
    $226.09 excl tax excluding shipping

    Nature Loo™ | Excelet with Chamber Screen

    The Excelet range of composting toilets was designed to provide toilet facilities for low volume situations at a low price. Unlike most composting toilets, the Excelet sits on the toilet room floor and requires no space beneath it.
    $2,191.30 excl tax excluding shipping

    Nature Loo™ | Mini

    The Nature Loo ‘MINI’ is a Urine Diversion (UD) type Waterless Composting Toilet. Featuring a compact stylish design that would look good in any situation. Perfect for a single with full-time use.
    $1,534.78 excl tax excluding shipping

    Nature Loo™ | NL2 - Additional Chamber / Out-of-service (OOS)

    Additional Out-of-service (OOS) Chamber for existing Nature Loo™ NL2 where more capacity & longer composting time is required.
    $121.74 excl tax $130.43 excl tax excluding shipping

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