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    Nature Loo™

    Nature Loo™ (Brand) has been manufactured since 1994 as eco-friendly on-site wastewater solutions.

    Nature Loo composting toilets provide a hygienic method of recycling human waste by ensuring everything is sealed and separated. They avoid the need to waste and pollute precious water. The waste is collected in a small chamber directly inside the toilet pedestal. A low powered 12 or 24 volt (mains or solar-powered) fan continually circulates air through the chamber, evaporating liquids, speeding the composting process and eliminating odours.

    All Nature Loo™ systems come with at least two composting chambers. Fill one, put it aside to continue composting (Batching), and put the second chamber into use. When it's time to change chambers again, the contents of the first chamber can be removed into an on-site composting bin for further 12 months of composting freeing up the chamber for reuse; Final Land application is done via substrata (>150mm cover materials).

    Nature Loo’s™ composting toilets are manufactured at the Brisbane factory according to the requirements of New Zealand and Australian Standards. This ensures these products are manufactured to a consistently high standard, as well as being safe and hygienic. Nature Loo™ composting toilets comply or are certified against the AS1546.2 Standard depending on the model.

    Nature Loo™ products are typically 30% cheaper than competing brands

    The patented design is kept simple so that prices and ongoing maintenance costs stay low

    ✓ Lowest-priced ✓ Simple reliable design ✓ Enviromeatley Sustainable ✓ Batching Chamber or Cassette Types ✓ Best Value

    Nature Loo™ toilets are suitable for any style of home. They are supplied as a split system for homes with a minimum of 450mm clearance under the bathroom floor or self-contained toilets for dwellings without under-floor clearance. Our pedestal designs are elegant as well as functional. We have designs suitable for both modern and traditional bathrooms.

    The Nature Loo™ solution is free of odours, chemicals, pollution, pumps and high maintenance and electrical costs. It also saves the typical family some 35,000 litres of water per year.

    "Truly a sustainable on-site wastewater treatment systems; all with quality-assured performance and service"

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    Coco Peat | 4x5 650gms Brick Pack

    Bulking agent for the composting toilet systems to improve performance 650gms 100% coco peat compressed bricks (comes in 20 pack) for a total of 13 kgs.
    From $69.57 excl tax excluding shipping

    Coco Peat | 4x6 650gms Brick Pack

    Bulking agent for the composting toilet systems to improve performance 650gms 100% coco peat compressed bricks (comes in 24 pack) for a total of 15.5 kgs.
    From $85.22 excl tax excluding shipping

    Coco Peat | 5x5kgs Brick Pack

    Bulking agent for the composting toilet systems to improve performance 5kgs 100% coco peat compressed bricks (comes in 5 pack) for a total of 25 kgs.
    $75.65 excl tax excluding shipping

    Small Bale of Wood Shavings (Standard Bulking Agent)

    WS-B 10KG
    A Handie sized wood shavings bale for easy storage and use.
    $27.83 excl tax excluding shipping

    Wind Driven Turbo Vent

    WDV D
    Wind-driven ventilation ideal option for non-powered (NE) vent systems or as backout ventilation for power outages and when the system is turned off. Used most commonly with the off-grid situation.
    $217.39 excl tax excluding shipping

    Nature Loo™ | NL2 White

    The NL2 White is a great 2 person full or 4 person part-time composting toilet that is easy to install yourself and just as easy to use. This model proves popular as a contemporary looking toilet solution for your home, weekend getaways and as an economical and pleasant alternative to a drop toilet.
    $1,217.39 excl tax excluding shipping

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