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    EcoLet™ | NE Separera 30

    Ecolet NE 30
    The EcoLet™ Non-Electric Separera is the ideal solution for batches and remote areas where access to power is not possible. With a rated capacity of 2 people for full-time use, and 4 people for part-time use, this is the above floor model which is designed for situations where there is no space for a retention tank below the floor. This makes it ideal for concrete floors and even second-story applications.
    $2,173.91 excl tax $1,956.52 excl tax excluding shipping

    Clivus Multrum™ | CM8 Next-Gen Package

    The CM8 Next-Gen is a split unit (below-floor) composting toilet system designed to be used by 5 people full time, and up to 10 people part-time. These systems are made from high-quality materials and are built to stand the test of time.
    $6,613.04 excl tax $6,033.91 excl tax excluding shipping

    Clivus Multrum™ | CM14 Next-Gen Package

    If you’re in a large household with extended family then it’s especially important that you choose a composting toilet that will meet the demands of your household. The CM14 has a capacity of 8-9 people for full-time use. That makes this system a great choice for large family homes, and also small public facilities.
    $8,274.78 excl tax $7,521.22 excl tax excluding shipping

    Small Bale of Wood Shavings (Standard Bulking Agent)

    WS-B 10KG
    A Handie sized wood shavings bale for easy storage and use.
    $27.83 excl tax $25.04 excl tax excluding shipping

    HW | Hand-Washing Station

    Highly Durable and mobile handwashing station with foot pump tap
    Volume buy from $614.35 excl tax excluding shipping

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