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    Premium Pedestal | THE POLYMARBLE - WB (Wide Base)

    Manufacturers: Clivus Multrum™ , Sun-Mar™
    This Premium pedestal THE POLYMARBLE is a Wide-Base version and has a good solid appearance in any modern bathroom.
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    This premium pedestal THE POLYMARBLE is a Wide-Base version and has a good solid appearance in any modern bathroom

    Recommend for: All Clivus Multrum™ systems and Sun-Mar™ (AirFlow only) Split-Systems

    Clivus Multrum systems; supports multiple pedestals in the CM10, CM14, CM20, CM40 range this gives you the ability to place more than one WC (PED) in your home or facility while using a single composting chamber!

    CM8 | 1x (One Ped)

    CM10 | 2x (Two Peds)

    CM14 | 2x (Two Peds)

    CM20 | 2x (Two Peds)

    CM40 | 4x (Four Peds)

    Sun-Mar systems; support one pedestal in the Centrex 2000 and 3000 range on the Air-Flow models only.


    Pedestal Material: Polymarble

    Surface Finish: The Polymarble pedestal has a polished interior and exterior giving a porcelain-like finish, minimises soiling and is easy to clean

    Available Colours:

    • White
    • Grey
    • Black

    Wheelchair Accessibility Option: with an adaptor base-ring.

    Toilet Seat Options:

    • White Standard Seat
    • Black Standard Seat
    • White Deluxe Seat
    • Timber Premium Seat


    The Polymarble Pedestal Wide Base meets the requirements of the AUS/NZ Standard for residential waterless composting toilets.

    It is handmade from solid and durable Polymarble with a polished interior and exterior finishing that has the same feel and appearance as porcelain.

    All Pedestals are exclusive to our systems (not to be sold separately)