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    Pricing & Reward Points

    Valued Customers!

    Customers registered on our website receive:

    • 5% off the G.S.T inclusive on everything in store for purchases over NZD$10,000.
    If you feel you have a special case and would like us to give it some consideration, please contact us at 0800 022 027

    This is only available to account holders – please sign up

    Reward Points Program


    The Reward Points Program allows customers to earn points for making purchases on the website.

    Reward Points can be used at any time during the checkout process and used on any goods selected from the shop.

    Points for online account registration

    For every new registration, 10 Rewards Points are given.


    • The exchange rate is for every $100 NZD spent you will receive 2 Reward Points
    • Every Reward Point has the equivalent value of 1 NZD Dollar spent in-store
    • 10 free Reward Points are given when you register as a new user online for the first time


    Registrations to the same address will not be granted free reward points and their account will be cancelled or changed if they make a purchase with this newly registered account.
    If you have lost your account details please follow the reset our account steps or call us to find your details.

    You Save! On delivery

    Of course, volume buying will save on delivery costs as the volume of the goods packaged goes up you will get bulk delivery rates through our freight providers.