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    Sun-Mar™ | Centrex 2000 NE (Non Electric) - A/F (Air Flow)

    Manufacturer: Sun-Mar™
    SKU: SMC-2000 NE A/F
    The Centrex 2000 A/F (Air Flow) NE is a low voltage, waterless “off-grid” alternative to the straight Centrex 2000 model. The system is designed for use in conjunction with a waterless toilet pedestal and processes waste under the bathroom floor, the non-electric system is slightly smaller than its electric counterpart.

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    Choose the fan voltage to match your power system. 


    A hardwearing coating applied onto the inner side of the Pedestal for maximum cleanliness.

    The system is packed with 1 meter of 25mm leachate drain pipe as a standard. 

    Most soakaway's should be installed 3 meters away from the foundations of the structure but remains circumstantial to the site. 

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    Note; the Sun-Mar Centrex AirFlow Systems come with Polymarble fixture options only. 

    Whilst not as large as the Centrex 3000, the 2000 A/F NE model still comfortably accommodates a seven-person holiday house usage, requiring only one compost removal annually. In a residential capacity, the compost will need to be dealt with more frequently.

    There is no heating unit in this model so it will operate beautifully on solar or mains power. Without the heater the evaporation process is not as effective as in the 240 volt system. Therefore an overflow drain to a small sub-surface gravel pit is required (200x40x40cm).

    A 100 mm vent and low voltage fan help to ensure that odours are dispelled with minimal electrical draw.


    Listed capacities refer to the amount of people, on average, using the unit per day. Do not pick a unit that is below your capacity.



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