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    Sun-Mar™ | GTG Care Pack

    Manufacturer: Sun-Mar™
    Getting the best out of your Urine-Diversion system the Sun-Mar GTG Care Pack will give you all the consumables necessary to have an odour-free experience with environmental merits!
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    Sun-Mar GTG Care Pack


    This Pack contains the following

    Additive for the urinal chamber

    6 x 200g Compost Green (one per bottle load)

    Bref instruction; Add the entire bag of the Compost Green before the chamber is used. The best method is to poor the powder into the urinal then rinse down will a little water or Nature Flush. 

    Additive for the solids chamber

    4 x Coco Peat Bricks (wet mix cover materials per use) 

    Bref instruction; Wet the Coco Peat brick with 5 Litres of water to swell for 1 hour before use. Add a hand full to the #2's (solids chamber) after every use.

    For your convenience Sun-Mar GTG WET Mix is available all read made up! See here GTG WET Mix

    Features of Additives


    The Compost Green Additive is effective at improving the condition of urine tanked in bottles or larger holding tanks

    Aplicationtional Use

    • Composting systems used for urine only (commercial facilities)
    • Composting systems that have become to wet (above 75% moisture content)
    • Odour from the system (wrong media / bulking agent) added 


    • Powerful ammonia treatment
    • Microbiological habitat (adds an ideal surface area for bacteria and fungi)
    • Drying by volume effect
    • Chemical heavy metals binding


    COCO Peat Bricks

    Coco Peat is made from 100% natural fibre of the coconut husk. It is a waste product from the production of coconut products and is now readily used many industries as a reliable and sustainable organic fibre. One of the main uses is as a growing media and is on the rise all around the world because it’s a natural replacement for peat. While peat resources are depleting and harvesting is considered environmentally damaging, Coco Peat is a fully renewable resource as more coconuts are grown.

    WCTNZ has chosen a supply and recommends the use of Coco Peat for its many environmental benefits.


    For use in all Urine Diverting Composting Toilets as a WET cover material in the #2's Chamber after use 

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