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    Sun-Mar™ | Microflush Pedestal Model 511

    Manufacturer: Sun-Mar™
    Sun-Mar Microflush Pedestal are ideal for use with Sun-Mar Central Composting Systems, but can also be used with holding tanks and domestic. The Microflush Pedestal Model 511 is a low profile model allowing for raised floor setups when fall on waste pipe is a problem and is a great option for children to keep there fee on the ground.
    SKU: SM-MFP 511
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    The pedestal is connected to the composting unit by a 3 inch (75 mm) pipe. Using about one pint per flush, these ultra low flush toilets provide all the advantages of a flush toilet while minimizing water usage.

    Up to 4 pedestals can be combined into the one Sun-Mar central System, providing there is sufficient slope to do so.

    Note; PVC DWV pipe is not supplied this this kit. You local plumber can supply these parts based on your building requirements.

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