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    Customer Testimonials

    "Awesome Walks is a new hospitality business in the Waitakere Ranges and needed bathroom facilities for use by our guests.

    "After helpful consultation with Dylan we installed an Ecolet Waterless Composting Toilet and are extremely pleased with our decision. As well as being waterless, the system (contrary to my preconceived fears) is also completely odourless, easy to operate, clean and hygienic, and positively commented on and reviewed by our guests.

    "We integrated the unit into a quirky setting, camouflage the vent pipe and make a real feature of it. We are thrilled with the result!"

    Alec and Philippa Mandis - Awesome Walks

    "We highly recommend this composting toilet. Having had the Clivus toilet now for over a year we have found it to be a 100% improvement on the mulching composting toilet we had previously. Our tenant is very happy with it. Clivus is an extremely user friendly system and easy to install.

    "NO odor, no hassle, easy to clean. Looks like a normal toilet , can use like a normal toilet, except no flushing, which saves on water bills.

    "We would use this for most house hold situations. Great."

    Richard & Christine Robinson

    "I can thoroughly recommend Dylan at Waterless Composting Toilets WCT.

    "Having no knowledge of compost toilets I phoned around and e mailed a few companies.

    "Dylan promptly replies to my request with a phone call. He asked me what my needs were and found an economical match for me in the CM2. We had no power to the site and Dylan quickly came up with a solution for the vent. He also educated me on how to look after the composting side and what my needs would be for the compost bin arrangement. What impressed me was that he was not about selling a product, he was concerned with following through on a process so the whole thing worked to my advantage. He also suggested other biophilic possibilities and we discussed wind and solar power at length. Dylan is very knowledgeable about the things we should be doing as well as simplifying the understanding and the economics. Thank you Dylan Timney at WCT."

    Sally Freebairn -

    "Dylan at Waterless Composting Toilets NZ has customer service perfected. After buying a competitors system it wasnt long before the problems began, after receiving little support from my supplier I turned to Dylan.

    "He took the time to listen to my problems and suggested of a cost effective solution. I would recommend Waterless Composting Toilets NZ to anyone looking to buy composting toilets, I wish that I had bought their system in the first place!"

    Morgan Balderstone

    "From my first contact with Waterless Composting Toilets (WCT) I received friendly, informative service in a prompt manner. My partner and I received personal assistance to help us choose the right system for us.

    "Even though we went for one of the less expensive models we still received service as if we were purchasing from the top end of the range. When we encountered some teething problems (due to our location rather than the system itself) Dylan from Waterless composting toilets made it his personal mission to help us get our system working at an optimum level.

    "The after purchase service we received was excellent and I would highly recommend both the products and the after care service of this company."

    Lisa - Waiheke Island