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    Tiny House Toilets

    For Tiny House toilets, there is a large range of WCT systems to choose from. Making the right decision is just a process of elimination

    Ask your self the following...

    • Will the Tiny House be sited in one location for a long period of time or will it be moved around a lot? This will tell you if you need an on-floor (self-contained) or a below-floor (split-system).
    • Will you have mains power or be solar off-grid? This will tell you whether or not you can have a heated WCT or a non-heated (NE) system.
    • How many people will use the toilet? Never choose a system that is below the rated capacity unless you get the correct advice from a WCTNZ expert.

    Notes; On this site...

    NE means (Non-electric). This does not mean that is is not powered but that WCT system only has a D/C fan unit for ventilation.

    240 means (240 volts A/C). This means the system requires alternating current (A/C) common to mains-power and most of these systems are heated, therefore a micro power plant such as solar or wind will most likely not generate enough power. It is also considered a bad practice to use solar or wind energy for heating.

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    Clivus Multrum™ | CM LP (Low-Profile)

    The CM LP system is specialised designing for tiny homes with the low underfloor clearance requirement (only 450mm!). This composting toilet model is suitable for a couple looking to install a composting toilet into their tiny house.
    $82.61 excl tax $2,962.41 excl tax excluding shipping

    Sun-Mar™ | GTG

    SM - GTG
    Sun-Mar GTG the next best thing! The GTG is Sun-Mar’s smallest and most economical toilet ever
    $1,434.78 excl tax

    Nature Loo™ | Mini

    The Nature Loo ‘MINI’ is a Urine Diversion (UD) type waterless composting toilet. Featuring a compact stylish design that would look good in any situation. Perfect for a single with full-time use.
    $1,534.78 excl tax excluding shipping

    Bambooloo™ | Classic

    BBL CL 1.0
    The Bambooloo™ toilet in the natural bamboo base & carbon seat colour. This package includes everything that you need to get started with your Bambooloo™, including a 20-litre bucket with a screw-on lid, composting toilet bags (25), 650gm Coco Peat Bricks, BBL Tamp-Spray and shavings as packing for BBL cover material. A full instruction manual is also included.
    From $856.52 excl tax excluding shipping

    EcoLet™ | 240 Automatic - Model 25e

    Ecolet M-25e
    The EcoLet™ 25e is designed for 3 people full-time, or 4 people part-time. It is a full automatic mixing system, using 240v power.
    $3,095.16 excl tax excluding shipping

    Clivus Multrum™ | CM2 White

    The CM2 White is a great 2 person full or 4 person part-time composting toilet that is easy to install yourself and just as easy to use. With the optional Chamber Screen that opens and closes automatically with pressure on the seat, it maintains a discreet compost and meets the Waterless Composting Toilet Standards. This model proves popular as a contemporary looking toilet solution for your home, weekend getaways and as an economical and pleasant alternative to a drop toilet.
    $1,391.30 excl tax excluding shipping

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