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    Universal Vent ACC | Wind-Driven Vent

    Wind-driven ventilation ideal option for non-powered (NE) vent systems or as backup ventilation for power outages when the system is turned off to keep the room free of stale air. Used most commonly with the off-grid situation.

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    Reducing collar to adapt the wind dirven vent from 150mm to 100mm or 50mm PVC vent pipe.

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    Wind-driven ventilation ideal option for non-powered vent systems. Fits 100mm or 50mm vent PVC vent pipe with reducing collar.



    Constructed from a UV stable, hail resistant engineering polymer with a vertical vane design

    Precision stainless steel bearings capable of handling harsh environments

    Designed to fit directly onto a 150mm PVC pipe. Can be adapted to fit 100mm or 50mm vent pipes as well see list options


    Colour: Presently available in white

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