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    WCT | Compost Green™ Additive 500g Bag

    SKU: AD CG 500G
    Support additive for use in Clivus Multrum, Sun-Mar, Ecolet and Bambooloo systems
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    Compost Green™

    The Compost Green Additive is used for daily application or for correction of the composting process

    Aplicationtional Use

    • Composting systems used for urine only (commercial facilities)
    • Composting systems that have become to wet (above 75% moisture content)
    • Odour from the system (wrong media / bulking agent) added


    • Powerful ammonia treatment
    • Microbiological habitat (adds an ideal surface area for bacteria and fungi)
    • Drying by volume effect
    • Chemical heavy metals binding

    A necessary product in Sun-Mar Micro-Flush systems. Note; is already in the WCT | Sun Mix Blue

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